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The Longest Halloween Fan Ghoul Page


Here at the Longest Halloween Fan Ghoul site, we'll keep you up to date with all of the latest

developments with the Longest Halloween Series as well as with all the things that

are in the works for our die hard and ever growing fan base of the Longest

Halloween Knights!


A screenplay written by the oh so talented Greg Gilman has been completed and is really

a great piece of work! It's got a real Goonies/ Stranger Things feel to it which is great so keeping prayers and fingers crossed that it's got legs.  All this really got  the Fan Ghoul to thinking, dreaming really about who the Ghoul would love to see occupy the roles of Portersville and Ghoulsville's most famous occupants.  Here's the Ghoul's first thoughts for the role of Joel Aubrey Franklin...the Ghoul is absolutely in love with the idea of either Jordan Fisher (left below) or Trevor Jackson (right below) as our intrepid hero and tae kwon do green belt from Portersville...






The Fan Ghoul is also over the moon about the recent graphic novelization of the first book of the Longest Halloween series. See pics below for an idea of the high quality, colorful rendering. Message us today if you'd like your own copy! Kudos to Antonio, Charles and Joe at Graphic Adaption for their stalwart work.

















The Fan Ghoul is also sure that you all are aware by now of the recent publication of book three of the series, "Gabbie del Toro and the Mystery of the Warlock's Urn." It's now available for either  download onto your personal reader or via print copy at the below listed booksellers. The downloadable version contains the full color illustrations that the print copy does not have (print copy 's pics are in black and white--for cost purposes) so keep that in mind and the E-book is of course, environmentally friendly. That being said, the Ghoul understands the nostalgic feel of a hard copy book in your hands. We'll be soon unveiling the Book Three page here on the website shortly so make sure you keep checking back. In the meantime, here is a look at the book's cover and advance word on the story by editor extraordinaire and longtime friend of the Longest Halloween, Melody Culver. 



















































 Here are the sites where you can purchase or download Book Three: 

Amazon .com, Kindle, Barnes and Noble .com, Nook, iBooks, iPad, Ingram, Lightning Source, and more.


Sometimes it can take up to four weeks for the book to list so if you don't see it right away, keep checking back.


 More dream casting from the Fan Ghoul follows:


For Polly, Joel's sometime sweetheart and possible witch undercover, there is no shortage of talented young actresses who would fill the role beautifully--Zoe Renee (below, left) and Erinn Westbrook (below, right) both have that quintessential Polly cuteness as do previ0us Waverly Wizard and Hotel Transylvania denizen Selena Gomez (below center) but only Rachelle Henry (second row) the Fan Ghoul's personal favorite, has enacted the role once before; 
































  Here's a late entry that the Fan Ghoul stumbled on for the part of Joel, Roshon Fegan--I guess there's no shortage of guys either who could own Joel's part:




























  More Fan Ghoul dream casting follows. The role of Jasper, Joel's mischevious and insightful little brother will no doubt pose challenges given the fact that kids do grow, but right now, these following talented younger actors are certainly channeling the energetic and curious spirit of the young guy who keeps things moving for everyone in the story--meet Jahi Di'Allo Winston last seen as young Ralph Tresvant in the New Edition Story (bottom, left), Ethan Hutchison, adorable as Blue in the OWN series Queen Sugar (below center) and Miles Brown, Jack in the megahit series Blackish (below, right):

















 And there's another candidate for Joel--Nicholas L. Ashe also from Queen Sugar would convey just the right amount of determination mixed with earnestness for our hero:



















The Fan Ghoul has learned that the original inspiration for Joel's best buddy Ellis was SNL's Keenan Thompson. While probably a bit too old for the part of Ellis, he clearly embodies Ellis's spirit, wit and dry sense of humor.






















 The Fan Ghoul sees the casting of Joel's main nemesis, Ian Samuels as a fairly challenging task. It would take a wealth of talent to be charming, evil, athletic and drop dead gorgeous all at the same time, not to mention capable of conveying all of the fear that comes with being a pretty powerful werewolf but here are some guys who might be up to the task: Matthew Daddario, Alec in the Shadowhunters series (below, left), Ross Butler, Reggie in Riverdale (below, center) both have the height, physical skills and swarthy good looks to pull off Ian's menace and Bryan Craig (below right) has the ruggedly handsome and almost feral good looks of a teen about to transform into a werewolf:























 The Fan Ghoul is also pleased to announce that the three-part comic book adaptation of the first book of the Longest

Halloween series, The Longest Halloween, will be soon featured as part of the New Comic Book Day at the Danger Room, a local comic book store in downtown Olympia.  The Danger Room got a really nice write up in the local paper that you can access right here:  . Best wishes to them as they continue to take their love for all things comic book to

the next level.















































































For the roles of Ian's Werewolf uncles, actors Justin Baldoni (below left), Jeffrey Vincent Parise (center) and Raphael Acloque (right) possess just the right level of raw menace and intensity to carry out the fearsomeness that is associated with the Ravenwood clan.

 The Fan Ghoul is also pleased to introduce you all to Brandon M. Hawk. This actor is both thespian and stuntman as evidenced by his high flying, exciting combat moves, seen  in this demo reel: . It made the Ghoul think about him as another great candidate for the role of Joel Aubrey Franklin. 

Although the original inspiration for the all-powerful Queen of the House of Ghouls, Zeldabub, was Angelina Jolie, Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame would certainly convey all the directness and no-nonsense that the blue witch exudes. And here's a late entry from the Fan Ghoul for the role of Ian--Carter Jenkins--while he does not possess the dastardly werewolf's towering height, those haunting eyes would be more than enough to bedevil our unsuspecting Polly!














The Fan Ghoul also believes that legendary actress Raquel Welch would be the ideal choice for the multilayered role of Beverly McClafferty, nee Leticia Corvalis and equally legendary country star Dolly Parton would do fine as Granny Ginger.


























The Fan Ghoul would love the idea of casting super tall actor and stuntman Marnix Van Der Broeke (below, left) as the mysterious soldier of fortune and substitute teacher Josiah Scroggins. 








Other candidates to inhabit the feared schoolteacher and denecromancer's thigh high boots would be Tom Mison (center, below) of Sleepy Hollow Fame and James Patrick Stuart of the notorious Cassadine family on GH

The Fan Ghoul believes that Cody Beasley, left, Max Carver, center and Brandon Flynn would be howlingly good as Ian's werewolf brothers Ezekial, Hezekiah and Aaron. What do you think?

The Fan Ghoul has recently unearthed the following character profiles about some of the supporting characters from the Longest Halloween series. Stay current with the story and check them out if you dare!

Super tall and super smooth Capital One salesguy ("what's in your wallet" fame ) Jeremy Brandt (below) would also make a fine Josiah Scroggins but the Fan Ghoul doesn't know about the English accent.

The Fan Ghoul loves the idea of Brotherly Love's Cory Hardtrict taking on the role of Portersville's intrepid police chief Justin Atherton.

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