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The Artifacts of the Longest Halloween


Face it, there's quite a bit of terminology for you mortals to familiarize yourselves with as you proceed through the story of the Forever Kingdom Amulet. Here's a quick tutorial to put yourself ahead of the pack.

The Multiplying Gold

One of the original triumvirate of the Forever Kingdom Treasure, the Multiplying gold will never be exhausted, it always replicates itself with ongoing usefulness. This is said to be gold mined from King Midas's vault and stolen by the wicked Thunder Giant nation before making its way to the Forever Kingdom where it was incorporated as part of the Forever Kingdom Treasure

The Forever Kingdom Amulet

The center part of the Forever Kingdom Treasure the amulet has true kingdom building potential, allowing its wearer full access to the power to conquer nations and increase wealth. It has been said to have been worn by notorious rulers of the past: Nero, Tubalcain and even Solomon. Its eye is less than discriminating however, preferring outward beauty to inner worth. Males are particularly susceptible to its charms and temptations and have found her hard to resist.

The Longevity Elixir

Not part to the Forever Kingdom Treasure, the longevity elixir grants its consumer life long after the natural length. It is a particular gift of Leonidas Ravenwood and he bestowed it upon his bloodline and upon the bloodline of the pirates of the Rachelle Lee who rescued him from death and destitution on the open Atlantic Ocean.

The Elixir of Youth

The elixir of youth grants its consumer the gift of eternal physical beauty and youth. It is the third part to the Forever Kingdom Treasure and a diluted version of its contents was said to have powered the water systems of the Forever Kingdom centuries ago. This elixir was also felt to be similar in power and ingredients to the waters of Neverland.

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