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Welcome to the wonderful world of  The Longest Halloween, where it doesn't have to be October to be Halloween...


JASPER  (left, on the footstool) is Joel’s younger brother and possibly the one person outside of their mother that Joel cares the most about. Jasper is nine years old and unlike many kids his age, has learned not to be too much of a pain in the butt little brother. That being said, he has a penchant for mischief and invariably his activities have gotten he and his brother in more than their fair share of trouble. Jasper has two best friends in the whole wide world: Dreyfuss and Earl and the three of them together have taken things to the next level in virtually every situation that they have been together in. He is very bright and adept at all things media. Jasper is about four feet, five inches tall and seventy five pounds on a good day.


POLLY FLEMING is Joel’s on again, off again girlfriend. She is outspoken, brave and a bit mercurial. But she has been a constant for Joel in his life thus far and is open to the fact that she and Joel’s relationship has the potential to deepen with time. She was raised by her mother and her grandmother and in her bloodline, she is descended from a powerful witch named Elvira Hanson, a fact that Polly does not yet know. Polly is five feet, five inches tall and weighs about one hundred and twenty pounds.

ELLIS SIGLER is Joel’s best friend and loyal confidant. He has an excellent sense of humor and loves a good joke. He has known Joel since the both of them were kids together. He does spend some time away from Portersville visiting his father but Ellis considers Portersville his home. He works part time in a local bakery and donut shop and considers a good meat pizza as his one true vice. Ellis has no problem letting Joel know when an idea is not a good one but at the end of the day, he will stick with Joel through thick and thin. Ellis is five feet, eight and a half inches and weighs about two hundred pounds if he has been on the powdering station at the donut shop.

DREYFUSS  (front, blue shirt) is Jasper’s best friend and a member of the initial triumvirate of terror that was originally comprised of Dreyfuss, Jasper and Earl. After Earl moved away from Portersville with his family, Dreyfuss and Jasper became that much closer and together held up the reputation of the triumvirate for seeking out mischief and adventure wherever it could be found. Dreyfuss is loyal to Jasper to a fault, scares easily and is proud of the fact that he has remained the tallest of the three boys. Dreyfuss is five feet tall and weighs about ninety pounds.

Meet the Other Worldly Hunters:

BEVERLY MCCLAFFERTY or LETICIA CORVALIS has gone by a number of aliases in her almost century old life. She is a powerful witch who with her sister had the audacity to cross one of the edicts of the Queen of the House of Ghouls, Zeldabub. She paid for this with banishment and a suspension of her powers. She and Lucius had three sons together Aaron, Ezekial and Hezekiah McClafferty. All of the boys are werewolves. Beverly and the boys chose the surname of McClafferty when their birth name of Ravenwood was felt to be too much of a liability.  She adopted her sister Leatrease’s  only son Ian Samuels, who is also a werewolf, after Leatrease was accidentally murdered by the Warlock Sentry. As a witch, Beverly’s bird is the kestrel and her color is magenta. With her nicely rolled hair and Mrs. Claus looking face, she outwardly looks as sweet as any grandmother might but don’t be fooled, she is hateful and wicked to the core. Beverly McClafferty is five feet, one inch tall and weighs about one hundred and eighty pounds

IAN SAMUELS is the adopted son of Beverly and Lucius Ravenwood. He is the only child of Beverly’s younger sister Leatrease. He is incredibly charismatic and handsome with a muscular Adonis-like build and a mane of glistening blue black hair that he keeps either twisted up in a pony or streaming down his upper back. Ian has a suffocating superiority complex, believing that among other mortals and even among the supernatural, he is better than anyone else in many ways.  True to his  lupine nature, Ian has enhanced vision, hearing, strength and stamina and his only weakness is his pride. Ian is six feet, four inches tall and weighs one hundred and ninety eight pounds.

JEREMIAH NEEDLANDER leads the centuries old pirates who have traversed time and space to join the hunt for the Forever Kingdom Amulet. Needlander was part of the original marauding crew that made off with Leonidas Ravenwood’s treasure but he and his crew managed to escape the vengeance of the North Atlantic massacre only to be enchanted with a longevity spell that kept them around until this current Halloween. The spell also conferred upon the pirate captain and his men supernatural strength. Part Asian, Needlander is the one true love of the witch Lavinniah. He is six feet, nine inches tall and weighs two hundred and ninety pounds.


JOSIAH SCROGGINS is the wily denecromancer and erstwhile substitute English and history teacher who has been enlisted to participate in the hunt by a mysterious benefactor. Scroggins could care less about the treasure than he could about the bounty that his benefactor has promised him. He has partnered with his oafish cousin’s band of thieves, the Sugar Hill Gang, in the pursuit of the treasure. A proper Brit, Scroggins is quite intelligent, prefers black and dark garments. He is seven feet tall and a wiry one hundred and ninety pounds.

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"Read how Joel's adventures began in the book that's been called 'a wonderful addition to the growing canon of YA Halloween literature.'" 

— Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards




" *****1/4 (out of five) "

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The Longest Halloween

JOEL AUBREY FRANKLIN is the leader of the human hunters. He is a high school sophomore, still a bit nervous around the opposite sex though he is certainly handsome enough (don’t tell him that though—he’ll get really embarrassed). His former girlfriend, Polly Fleming is one of his best friends ever, the two having grown up together. He is a B student and pretty much wants what every other red blooded teenage boy wants: a girlfriend, his own wheels and a viable income. Joel is very devoted to his mother and to his younger brother Jasper as they have been the only family he has ever known for as long as he can remember. His father was killed in the service of our country, something that he does not like to talk about but something that has propelled him on to always be his little brother’s protector and the man of the family. His best guy friend is Ellis Sigler. Joel is five feet, ten inches tall and weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds.

Meet the Human Hunters:

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