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The Longest Halloween, Book Three:

Gabbie del Toro and the Mystery of the Warlock's Urn
















"If your heart is true and earnest and your actions come from a place of love and you've the courage to match your convictions, in the end, that's all that matters..."

-Niall LeGrand to Gabbie del Toro



The third book of the award-winning series moves the action to the not so far away magical borough of Ghoulsville. Here we meet the young witch in training Gabbie Del Toro who along with her friends and family becomes embroiled in a sinister plot to imprison her father, famed warlock professor Barister Del Toro and his student teachers. When Gabbie realizes she has the power to expose the plot and free her father from a dire fate, it will take all the courage that she can muster to face down the malevolent forces that would swirl against her. It’s a high flying adventure filled with excitement, danger, magic and the power of friends and family.
























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