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The Creatures of the Longest Halloween

We're at no shortage for nonhuman denizens in the pages of the Longest halloween books. Here are some of our other residents.


Barnabbas and Berethia, Kestrels

Barnabbas and his sister Berethia are Beverly McClafferty's eyes into knowing the events that transpire outside of her knowledge. As kestrels, their visual prowess is unparalleled. Barnabbas is wounded early on in the story by Scroggins but once he is nursed back to health, what he has seen is married up with what his sister Berethia has seen giving McClafferty and her wolves a heads up on the others in the hunt.

Hephzibah, an owl

Zeldabub's loyal owl is her constant companion and protector. She is always at the ready to do her mistress's bidding andaids her significantly in Zeldabub's final confrontation with Beverly McClafferty at Barbary Mansion.

Ramon, an owl

Elvira Hanson's attendant owl was the bird that the safekeeping of the Forever Kingdom map was entrusted  after his mistress was drugged by the traitorous manservant Dudley Scroggins.

The Dromedary Bird

Zeldamum's strange bird doesn't have much action in the story but he is an unusal hybrid of ostrich and emu with a colorful tuft of violet feathers at the base of his neck. This bird acts as guard to the fantastic characters who alight upon his mistress's home in the skies where Joel and the others flee to escape Scroggins's bandits at the dock.

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